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We help our clients to improve the strategy, processes and execution of their firm and of their network of partners.


  • Consultancy: We analyse data and processes and develop tools and methods to improve our clients' business.
  • Research: We write white papers or position papers that analyse the impact of industry trends on client firms.
  • Advisory: We provide boards and entrepreneurs with knowledge for informed decision making.
  • Benchmarking: We develop customized benchmarking tools for incremental or radical innovation.

    Recent Assignments
    Supply Chain Management and Procurement

  • Assessing Inventory Management Strategies
  • Analyzing Supply Chain Health and Risk
  • Developing a Methodology to Assess the ROIC of a Business Unit
  • Improving a Methodology to Manage Capital Expenditure
  • Supporting Indirect Procurement Tactics
  • Assessing the Maturity of a Financial Service Provider
  • Developing a Methodology for Measuring Supply Chain Risk and Innovation
  • Supporting the development of the logistics strategy
  • Developing the sourcing and distribution strategy for a electronic distribution network
  • Supporting the development of a supply chain monitoring tool
  • Lowering the cost of purchasing for a major industrial firm
  • Retail Operations and Distribution Management

  • Improving on-shelf availability for a major retailer
  • Improving planogram compliance for a major retailer
  • Analysing store performance for a major electronic retailer
  • Supporting the RFID implementation strategy for a fashion retailer
  • Supporting the global customer service strategy or a major consumer goods firm
  • Analysing shopper behaviour for a major consumer product manufacturer
  • Financial Management and Investment Services

  • Structuring supply chain finance solution for a major industrial firm
  • Assessing the vendor finance solution for a major industrial firm
  • Supporting the private equity strategy for a electronic distribution network


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